Mission Lifeguard

     There is an emergency in our church. Youth and young adults are dropping out and disappearing at an alarming rate. This life-threatening problem is not unique to our church or even to young people.Other churches and the spectrum of ages demonstrate the same challenge throughout North America.

To respond to the disappearing of youth and young adults from our congregations, we propose identifying and activating a SPOTTER and a LIFEGUARD for each church.

The SPOTTER is on the lookout for any youth or young adult who might be missing.The SPOTTER then alerts the LIFEGUARD.The LIFEGUARD makes contact with the missing person and responds accordingly.

In some congregations, the SPOTTER and the LIFEGUARD might be the same person.Ideally several people in the congregation will be involved in an on-going basis to practice the following form of CPR:

  • Connect with the missing person.
  • Praise God and celebrate when the missing person is found and when the missing person returns.
  • Release the returned person to go from the church to take Jesus to others and come back to worship.