Young Adult Life


3 Years – 300 Young Adults – One Journey – Growing In Jesus – Developing Leaders 

     Overflow is proven mentorship/discipleship model for young adults. Any church, university campus, for summer camp can apply this ministry model helping young adults to grow in their relationship with Jesus and expand their influence as leaders for His cause. Benjamin Lundquist, young adult ministries director for Arizona Conference, began experimenting with this model in the summer of 2012 at Camp Yavapines with 80 young adult staff members.
During that first summer, the entire culture of ministry to summer camp staff changed. Young adults were being intentionally invested in, helping to fill their cup as they spent their summer sharing Jesus with the lives of hundreds of campers. During that first summer young adults made deep commitments to Jesus, grew as leaders, and many were baptized. As the summer drew to a close, these young adult leaders went back to local communities and university campuses across the nation of began leading out in campus ministries, dormitory Bible studies, and community ministries.

Here we are in 2014, Benjamin and his team have taken close to 300 young adults through this ministry model, and have been humbled to see young adults growing in Jesus and developing into confident leaders.

Overflow focuses on five specific areas of young adult ministry

  1. Relevant Biblical Teaching
  2. Practice of Spiritual Disciplines
  3. Intentional Community Building
  4. Leadership Training
  5. Ministry Engagement

How Do I Use It:

 Overflow is a simple model that can be applied to any young adult ministry setting.

  1. Download Resource
  2. Gather your team
  3. Pray and Plan
  4. Implement

“Journeying with Pastor Benjamin and his team over the last three years has given me more growth in Jesus that I have ever experienced in my life. Camp Yavapines has helped me to become a man of God and confident leader called by Jesus. Returning to camp for the last three years was largely in part to this ministry model for young adults. I knew that when I came to camp I was going to be intentionally invested in. I hope every young adult can experience a journey like this.”
- Brandon - Southern Adventist University

“I needed mentoring and Camp gave that to me. The worships and teachings helped God’s word to become real in my life. I’m so thankful that I came to a place that invested in me. Now I get to do the same thing for all the boys in my dormitory”
- John - Dean Dakota Academy