Young Adult Life

The Locals

What is it?

The local church initiative was created to provide a local churches with the opportunity to apply for funds to invest in their YA ministry. The grant was created to invest in what’s working, innovative, and reclaiming our YAs. This grant also provides the opportunity for other churches who may not have an active YA ministry, or may be in need of help, to see what others are doing across the division. We want to encourage YAs in the church to push the limits and do something big for God that reaches the core of YA ministry.

How do you use it?

Take a look at the application, read through it to make sure the YA ministry at your church meets the requirements. From there be creative, and expressive on your application. The essay portion is designed to give us a closer look at your ministry, so have fun with it, we will accept video submissions, typed essays, etc. We want to know what sets your YA ministry apart and why we should invest in you!

Download The Grant Application Now!

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