The North American Division of the General Conference (NAD) has as its mission “to reach North America and the world with the distinctive, Christ centered, Seventh-day Adventist message of hope and wholeness.”

     REACH North American Division is a strategy for accomplishing the Church’s mission in the most effective way. A starting point is making sure than the NAD and all its entities clearly understand the mission that was voted by the scores of delegates from across the Division territory at its Executive Committee meeting of October 28, 2011. Then, the mission becomes a “North Star” that guides our many diverse efforts toward the same end.

     On October 28, 2011, the Executive Committee voted through a set of Five Core Values. Values are those beliefs that matter most to us and that we aspire to live by as we operate our Church organizations. When various entities of the NAD set priorities from year to year the REACH Values below help insure that these entities give balanced coverage of the things we consider to be basic essentials. These core values are-

  • Revival & transformation:
    Connecting with God through public and personal worship
  • Education for discipleship:
    Every youth and adult learning, growing, and becoming more like Christ
  • Alignment within the Church:
    Connecting effectively within our diverse church family
  • Community outreach & evangelism:
    Connecting with our communities–sharing hope and wholeness
  • Healthy leadership & management:
    God’s stewards insisting on personal and church-wide excellence

      In 2012 the North American Division voted a set of Six Strategic Priorities, known as Building Blocks, that serve as focal points for collective action during the 2010-15 Quinquennium and beyond. Each of these Building Blocks amplifies one or more of the Core Values and helps the North American Division accomplish its mission of reaching our Division territory with hope and wholeness.