From Losing Millennials to Loving Them: Help for the Local Church

From Losing Millennials to Loving Them: Help for the Local Church

– April 2, 2015

Several of you may have read the books, reviewed the research, and even attended a multiplicity of seminars and workshops about Millennials and their precarious relationship with the church. But the question that still hangs in the middle of the room is:

“How do I share this with my local church in a way that will lead to change?”

In my experience, I’ve found many churches consider what is shared from the pulpit to be of high value and importance.  In initiatives like Millennial Matrix and others, where change is being forged in the local church, using a sermon series has played a vital role in shifting culture and educating church members.

To help you and your church, YGU would like to share our sermon series, “You Lost Me,” that coincides with David Kinnaman’s book by the same title.  This series afforded YG a chance to share with our congregation, over several weeks, valuable insights and findings.

Simultaneous to the sermon series, we encouraged our members to be involved with a weekly LIFEgroup, our small group ministry, utilizing the You Lost Me DVD and discussion guide. This afforded church members opportunities for conversation and interaction on the sermon topics and the book chapters.

We found this to be a powerful way to help our local church to get on the same page on Millennial issues and forge a mission for young adult ministry.

I know this may feel a bit overwhelming, so let me share here just one sample sermon I gave to help my local church love young adults better.


Hopefully these various media files and sermons have sparked for you some ideas of how to effectively implement teaching and culture change in your local setting. You know your church best, so contextualize and customize your approach to be constructive and palatable.

And finally, take and use any or all of the stuff cited here. Seriously. Email me [] sharing what you need, and I will do my utmost to provide it to you [down to my sermon outlines]. Seriously.

Dr. Allan Martin

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